Finest Deep Fryer

Fries come out perfect, and then we go to Whole Foods to get organic chicken nuggets. Easy to use, easy to clean (machine washable), I love it!!! Sent it this year for Christmas to two other families, and probably convinced three others to buy it.

I got this model with the digital timer as I felt from reading reviews it would be more accurate in time and temperature. I have a countertop mid-sized convection over, about 25 years old that is sort of giving out, so this I thought might be a good replacement and I cook less food than I use to, getting older, I eat smaller amounts. If i need to actually do larger dishes, I still have a big oven.

I love this product!!! I don’t like using my oven to heat up frozen (pre-prepared) food and the microwave zaps the flavor out of everything. I have two pre-teens who get home from school before I get home and this product allows them to prepare fries and wings or fish sticks etc. This product is pricey for the way that I use it.

Many best deep fryers have a spatter protection design and quick heating capabilities that help them deliver the best cooking results. Fry what you want to enjoy full of flavor foods.

Far I have used it for fresh french fries in 2 sizes. I have the used the techniques of a few minutes at a medium temperature and then back in at high heat until brown.

Love love this toy. I did not use any oil. I have been using it almost every day, making French fry from sweet and frozen potato from fresh.

I figured we ‘d use it once and then it would become a dust collector. Pizza rolls, french fries, chicken nuggets … they all came out crispier and tastier than anything I have ever gotten from the oven or microwave. Fresh veggies in here are great, I was even able to get the kids to eat some veggies they usually ignore.

Iv’e tried boneless chicken with different marinades, as well as all sorts of veggies and used only a little bit of oil. You can use your own imagination and put lots of things in here.

Finest Deep Fryers available in the market. They offer great features, are user-friendly, and don’t make your spend hefty amounts. Go through our deep fryer reviews to find out more.

You can get similar results from a convection oven, but this is a bit faster, and you don’t have to heat up the oven. The worst of the appliance is with the instructions … like how long/what temp for a variety of frozen foods … which would be helpful.

If you like fried foods without a lot of oil, this is the way to go.


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